7 celebrities who started out as tradespeople

Have you ever considered a career change? Well, this set of former tradespeople put down their tools to pursue the likes of football, film, and music.

From World Champion boxers to some of the biggest names in cinema, you won’t believe just how many celebrities started life on the tools.

And given the current skills shortage in the UK, perhaps we could do with a few of these people back on site?

Anthony Joshua, bricklayer

From bricklayer to heavyweight champion in less than a decade. Not bad, eh?

Back in 2009, Joshua was required to learn a trade as part of his release conditions from jail. With a tag on his ankle for 14 months, Joshua decided on bricklaying.

While learning his trade, Joshua was also progressing through the amateur ranks, eventually representing Great Britain at the 2012 Olympics before later turning professional.

Michael Caine, plumber’s apprentice

A true legend of the big screen, Caine has been nominated for an Academy Award in every decade since 1960.

But before he was starring in movies, Caine was planning for life as a plumber. He started a plumbing apprenticeship after leaving the army, but soon made his way into acting.

George Harrison, electrician

Harrison was famously the lead guitarist for The Beatles, but music wasn’t always the plan (even if it did work out quite well).

After leaving school in Liverpool, Harrison started an electrician apprenticeship. Harrison would go on to be one quarter of the best-selling band of all time.

Whoopie Goldberg, bricklayer

Before winning Oscars, Emmys, Grammys (and pretty much any other award you can think of), Goldberg - real name Caryn Johnson - worked as a bricklayer.

Along with her movie career, Goldberg is also a successful stand up comedian and entertainer.

Ozzy Osbourne, plumber

The so-called Prince of Darkness was dealing with a different kind of metal before shooting to fame with Black Sabbath.

After leaving school at 15, Osbourne was employed as a labourer on a construction site, before training as a plumber.

Stuart Pearce, electrician

Pearce earned the reputation as a hard-tackling fullback, starring for Nottingham Forest and England in the 80s and 90s.

But for a long time, Pearce saw himself rather differently. While playing non-league football, he worked as an electrician, and was so unsure of a career in football that he even advertised his trade services in a Nottingham Forest matchday programme after signing for them.

Harrison Ford, carpenter

Long before Ford was navigating the Millennium Falcon around the galaxy, he was working as a carpenter.

And it’s carpentry that led directly to his big break - Ford was hired by filmmaker George Lucas to build cabinets. And he must have left an impression - Lucas cast him as Han Solo in Star Wars, which proved to be his breakout role.

He went on to star in the likes if Indiana Jones and Apocalypse Now.

Do you think any of these former tradespeople could still cut it on the tools? Let us know below.

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