Conwy Council ban resident from parking van outside home

Conwy council bosses believe he’s advertising unfairly.

Steve Scott – a self-employed mechanic – is locked in a dispute with his local council, as they believe he’s leaving his van where it is “principally to act as a stand for advertising”.

According to the letter sent by the council his van constitutes as a “vehicle mounted advertisement” for which he needs “express consent” in order to park it legally.

Shock in the post

In the letter sent to Mr Scott, Paula Jones, Conwy council’s development and building control manager, wrote: “It has been brought to the Local Planning Authority’s attention that throughout the last several weeks your vehicle has been parked on Abergele Road for considerable lengths of time, without seemingly being moved, sometimes for days on end.

“It is considered that the parking of the vehicle in this location is principally to act as a stand for the advertising thereon.”

Ms Jones then goes on to warn Mr Scott that the council may prosecute him, if he does not stop the “unauthorised” display immediately, adding that the authority has taken action in similar cases which were “all successful”.

Driveway dismay

Mr Scott insists he only parks in his current spot as he lives in a property without a driveway, and in response he’s contacted his local councillor in an attempt to come to a solution. So far the council have offered to support him in finding new accommodation, but he lacks a guarantor meaning it’s unlikely he’ll find a new property.

Speaking to the local press Mr Scott said: “This was my new start. I’ve only been running my business for seven weeks and I’ve only made about £800 profit. Any court case would mean my business fails.”

Time will tell whether Mr Scott and Conwy coucil can come to a resolution, however, what with moves like this and the price of their parking permits, it’s safe to say our local authorities aren’t making life easy.

What do you make of this news? Has something similar happened to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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