Regions ‘outperforming London in innovation’

Cities outside London are leading the way in innovation in goods and services.

This is according to a new report, which suggests that Oxford, Liverpool, and Teesside are outperforming the capital when it comes to developing new offerings.

Figures from the Enterprise Research Centre suggest that Liverpool is leading the way in the creation of new goods and services.

The Centre looked at six key factors impacting on innovation, in a study of some 14,000 businesses.

London ranked only 25th in their list of areas.

But the study also found that while 45 per cent of businesses consider themselves ‘innovation active’, only 18 per cent are actually active in product innovation.

Research head Stephen Roper said: “For the first time, this research gives us a picture of which localities of the UK have the highest proportion of firms introducing new products and services.

“The findings run counter to the dominant narrative of a country dependent on London, with innovation being much more dispersed across the country than was previously thought.”