Business support 'is too London-centric'

Support for businesses is too focused on London, according to new research.

A survey from ComRes, commissioned by the British Library’s Business and IP Centres, found that some 56 per cent of respondents believe that support for firms is too London-centric.

Meanwhile half of those running a start-up believe that access to local, free, trusted business support and advice would be useful to people starting their businesses now.

Compounding the perceived lack of local support is a lack of online help. Just a third of small business owners say they have benefited from access to online resources on how to start a business.

Seven in ten respondents said that they would like to have seen more support in the early years of their business, and almost 60 per cent say there isn’t a single location where they live at which they can get advice on starting a new firm.

The British Library this week launched two new Business and IP Centres, in Manchester and Birmingham, which will operate on the same lines as their existing Centres in London and Newcastle.

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