Government must do more for small business

Government must do more for small business overnment must do more for small business

The country doesn’t need new tax discs – it needs real action to help small businesses rebuild the economy.

George Osborne’s Autumn Statement was a chance for the coalition to make good on its promise of support for the country’s small businesses. These firms are the backbone of the economy, and it is them that can turn the country’s stuttering progress into a sustainable recovery.

Yet, for all their claims to be on the side of small businesses, the coalition has comprehensively failed to support the country’s SMEs.

There are elements of this statement that are to be welcomed. The capping of business rates, the discount for the smallest retailers, and the abolition of NICs for newly employed under 21s are all good news – but none of these steps goes far enough.

Despite the government’s insistence that the economy has turned the corner, small business owners across the country continue to be squeezed. And yet, with the right support, it is these firms that will lead the UK back to health – but they can only do it with the coalition’s support.

We need to see concrete action on cutting unnecessary red tape while maintaining safe working environments; simplifying tax while making sure that big businesses pay their way; restoring employees’ rights in order to ensure that businesses and workers are in partnership, not in competition.

These are not difficult things for the coalition to achieve. Rather than fiddling around with car tax, the government should concentrate on the businesses and employees that will safeguard this country’s economic recovery.