Five ways to turn a petrifying profit this Halloween

Halloween is nearly upon us – and with it an important retail opportunity.

The festival is an increasingly important fixture on the UK retail calendar, with some shops and bars reporting that it is now more valuable than the New Year period.

This year, retailers need to fight even harder for every consumer pound. We’ve compiled some top tips to help you make the most of this Halloween.

1. Halloween's not just for kids

Halloween conjures images of children in outrageous costumes, stuffing themselves with sugar. But, while kids might be the face of the holiday, it’s the adults that are spending the money. Bear this in mind when you are planning your Halloween marketing and activities, and try to appeal to both adults and children – remembering that it many cases it will be the kids that notice the marketing, but that it will be the parents footing the bills.

2. Think about events

‘Real-world’ events are a powerful but under-used weapon in your seasonal marketing arsenal. If you have premises, you can increase footfall by running organising something special. For example, why not invite consumers over to carve pumpkins? You could serve warm drinks and, where appropriate, provide samples. Make sure that you give attendees something by which to remember you – perhaps a voucher for money off, or a loyalty card.

3. Get the decorators in

If you have premises, you should consider giving them a Halloween makeover. Think about ways that you can make your premises stand out. You might consider installing a new, Halloween-themed window display, or giving the interior a pumpkin injection. Where appropriate, think about giving away free, Halloween-themed samples outside the premises, in order to encourage customers in.

Online retailers can also get in on the action. Give your website a lick of digital paint, adding some Halloween imagery and perhaps some special offers. Don’t forget to take them down first thing on the following day.

4. Forget about 'good taste'

By and large, Halloween is not a festival that is compatible with fits of good taste. While Christmas has been successfully ‘tastified’, with off-white lights and demure trees the norm, Halloween remains a splurge of kitsch. Don’t be afraid to go over the top.

5. Boost your marketing across the board

Halloween represents a time of potentially increased consumer spending – but this year, it comes during a period in which belts are being tightened across the country. As a result, retailers need to fight even harder for every single pound spent. If you are to do this successfully, you need to raise your visibility amongst potential customers. It can be tempting to skimp on marketing in these straightened times, but if you are to fulfil your potential during this potentially beneficial period, you need to be firing on all cylinders. You might, for example, consider running sales promotions or spending some time on online marketing. Read our Marketing section for more tips.