The top ten Google+ business accounts

We recently wrote an article about the best business Twitter accounts to follow.  To continue on from that, we've compiled a list of the best Google+ business accounts worth your time.

Google+ is still the baby of the social media world having only launched last year. Despite that, it's gained millions of loyal users who use it on a daily basis.

One complaint that's levelled at it fairly regularly is that it's a "ghost town" and that it's dominated by several huge users and brands.  So to counter that argument our community team have compiled a list of the top ten business accounts to follow for your business news, tips and engagements.

Of course you can also follow our account here.



Focused mainly on digital marketing and ecommerce but despite this they still have some great tips and helpful infographics that are essential for marketing your business in the digital age.  They also create regular hangouts and events for their followers.  Follow EConsultancy.

Financial Times

The Financial times are a business institution and are something that most entrepreneurs and business owners have read or come across at one point in time.  Their Google+ page is a great place to start if you're looking for up to the minute breaking business news.  Follow The Financial Times.

Small Business Trends

An online publication for small businesses, mainly focused on the American market it still has some excellent resources for UK businesses. Posts such as how to help focus your business idea are great for start-ups or entrepreneur’s.  Follow Small Business Trends.

The Company Warehouse

The Company warehouse are mainly geared towards providing solid articles to read and share.  Articles such as what the U.K think about starting their own business provide useful insights into possible markets but also are a cracking good read.  Follow The Company Warehouse.

Small Business UK

Make sure you follow small business UK if you’re starting out in business as they regularly post useful guides such as how to safeguard your business data or how the Sunday trading laws could affect you. A must follow.  Follow Small Business UK.

Donut Business Advice

As their "about" page says: "Essential, jargon-free advice for small firms".  They regularly post advice for businesses and have articles such as 50 shades of content - helpful advice on how to create useful, engaging content for your customers.  Follow Donut Business Advice.

Small Business Marketing

As their name suggests, the Small Business Marketing account is focused on marketing and search engine optimisation tips. Also useful for helping you engage with your customers more effectively.  Follow Small Business Marketing.

The Guardian

Most people have heard of The Guardian newspaper and it goes without saying that their Google+ page is packed full of news and articles. Unfortunately they've yet to create a Guardian Business page, similar to their twitter presence but it can't be far off.  Follow The Guardian.

London Business School

This may be an account for a business school but as the saying goes "every day’s a school day" - The London Business School is a useful account to follow if you're looking for helpful tips and advice on how to run your business effectively but also posts regular business news as well.  Follow London Business School.

Small Business Bonfire

A great profile to follow if you need to stay up to date with the latest business news and also have access to some great articles such as 5 technologies that can save your business.  Follow Small Business Bonfire.

Do you have any great Google+ business accounts that you use and they're not in our top ten? Sound off in the comments below!