Top tips for online marketing on a shoestring: Tip 7

Online marketing is an invaluable tool for businesses looking to increase awareness of their product and engage with potential customers. With an understanding of the resources available and a little bit of creativity, an online marketing campaign can be one of the most cost-effective ways of maximizing your business’s potential. During the Business Startup show at London’s ExCeL centre in May, Simply Business partnered with PR agency 3 Monkeys and SEO agency Distilled to discuss some of the top marketing tips for people starting out in business. We have taken some of the top tips from the day and added some of our own and will be publishing them as a blog series over the next week. You can read the final tip of our seven-part series below.

7. Remember that paid search doest’t need to break the bank.

If you can set aside a portion of your budget, consider displaying a few paid advertisements on Google. These ads will appear either at the very top of the page or on the side panel, making them the first results that potential customers will see when they make relevant enquiries. Among various other settings, you can choose which keywords you wish to have linked to your ad and the geographical regions in which your ad is searchable—ensuring that your ad is viewed by a well-targeted audience.

Although pay per click (PPC) advertising requires an initial financial investment, it can pay for itself many times over if your ads are reaching the right audience. A successful marketing campaign is as much about quality as it is about quantity; a few paid ads that are focused on the right demographic will often yield higher returns than a large pool of ads that are viewed by disinterested users.

You can often find vouchers online to get your business started with PPC advertising. Simply Business offers a £75 voucher for Google PPC ads when you purchase an insurance policy. Google similarly offers a £30 free credit for setting up an AdWords account. By using a voucher, you can test your success and get a feel for the return on investment without any financial loss to your business. If you find that the initial test of PPC advertising has bolstered your sales, you can then proceed with confidence—knowing that this campaign will not hurt your budget, but rather, increase your profit.

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