Top ten iPhone productivity apps

For many people, the iPhone will always be the king of the smartphones. Steve Jobs’ baby changed the smartphone market forever, and remains the benchmark against which all others are judged.

For a long time, the iPhone was considered a lifestyle gadget, rather than one suitable for business use. Increasingly, though, developers are building great apps to help users get things done more quickly.

Here is our round-up of the best iPhone productivity apps.


Evernote is a perpetual favourite. If you often find yourself struggling to keep track of all the information you need, this app might be for you. Evernote allows you to ‘grab’ different items and store them easily. You can capture information using your iPhone’s camera, by recording a voice note, or by typing text. Your information is then stored in the cloud for easy access.

Evernote for iPhone – free download


DropBox provides users with an easy way to sync and backup your files across multiple machines. You can store files in the cloud, using Dropbox’s storage facilities. You can then access them from anywhere using your iPhone. A must-have if you are bored of lugging USB keys around, or if you regularly work collaboratively.

Dropbox for iPhone – free download, plans from free to $19.99 a month

Air Sharing

Air Sharing helps you circumvent the notoriously irritating iPhone file management system and use your handset as an external harddrive. Using Air Sharing and your iPhone you can view and edit documents that are stored on virtually any remote server – including DropBox or your own FTP server. You can even print documents remotely.

Air Sharing for iPhone – from $2.99


Quickoffice allows you to get at your Microsoft Office documents from your iPhone. You can view and edit Office documents from your handset. You can even access and save documents in the cloud, or share them by email. Best of all, unlike some of its competitors, Quickoffice doesn’t require you to use the unwieldy Microsoft Exchange.

Quickoffice - £12.39


TimeLogger is a godsend for freelancers and contractors. This streamlined app allows you to keep track of the amount of time you have spent on each job. You can also see your working hours divided into clients, projects, or work types. You can then export the data to a spreadsheet if you wish. This makes time tracking and invoicing simple.

TimeLogger - $3.99

Google Mobile

Many iPhone users do not want to abandon Google. Of course, Apple will do everything in their power to lure you away from their rival, but Google Mobile allows you to access Google services easily from your iPhone. The app gives you native access to Maps, Gmail, Goggles and Search, and easy links to all the other Google apps.

Google Mobile – free download

Dragon Dictation

As good as the iPhone softkeyboard might be, sometimes it’s just easier to talk. Dragon Dictation is generally thought of as one of the best dictation apps available. It automatically runs your speech through its own servers, where remarkably accurate algorithms work out what you are saying. The text then appears on your phone. It’s worth noting that this app is only available for 3G handsets.

Dragon Dictation – free download


Dealing with dozens of passwords is a hassle. When you are at your computer you can generally rely on your browser to keep your passwords for you. Luckily, 1Password performs this function for you on your iPhone. The service saves all of your passwords behind a single PIN code. Just make sure you choose something more complicated than ‘1234’.

1Password – from $9.99


Instapaper allows you to read web pages wherever you are, even when you don’t have mobile coverage. You can save pages for later and access them easily, allowing you to make the most of your time on a tube, plane, or virtually anywhere else. Even better, Instapaper reformats text on your iPhone screen to make everything easier to read.

Instapaper – ad-supported version free, pro version $4.99


Let’s finish with something really impressive. TeamViewer allows you to access a remote desktop from your iPhone. If you are away from your computer, or you need to offer support to someone else, you can do it quickly and easily using TeamViewer. You just need to install a small piece of software on the remote computer and you are ready to go.

TeamViewer – free for non-commercial use, pro version $99.99

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