Business tips and links from the team - week 12

The Budget announcement was clearly the main focus this week for the UK. Darling actually had some good news for small businesses by giving them some tax relief. Of course there were other interesting websites and news items as well. Check our top 5.

We have 5 sites for you this week, to which we think you should pay a visit. Some of them are just offering a product and some of them offer you some extra business knowledge that can help you improve your business.

1. The Budget coverage of

How does The Budget announcement affect small businesses in the UK? We covered the announcement live with Josh Hall from the knowledge team, supported with our Twitter news feed. Pretty good, but there was also some good coverage from our colleagues at, who were also very eager to broadcast the announcement on their website. Check their coverage here.

2. Why a small SEO firm works better than big agencies

We have followed Gareth Rees from Clear SEO for a while now. As a sole trader he works with just a few clients on small business SEO projects, but delivers the results you would expect from a SEO agency. We think Gareth is an example of how a small search company can deliver more personalised SEO to a business than big agencies.

3. How much does it cost? A check-list for starting a business

If you are considering starting your own business, it is vital that you properly think through the potential costs, and that you have sufficient capital available to cover them. A huge number of start-ups fold almost as quickly as they open; indeed, in some parts of the country as many as 80 per cent of new firms are currently failing within their first year.

So what are some of the most important costs you will have to cover when starting a business?

4. The end of the advertising agency

Ouch!  At least the future might be a bit painful for advertising agencies who still translate their traditional advertising models into expensive television commercials, printed ads and wasted social media campaigns. This is what could happen! Very funny video.

5. Join our growing social communities

Thank you to all our fans and followers who joined us over the last few months. My colleague Rosie is absolutely amazed about all the sign ups from her Simply Business e-mail newsletters she sends out every month. Our Simply Business Twitter account just passed 6000 followers. Our Simply business LinkedIn group is growing quickly and last but not least, our Simply Business Facebook fanpage just reached 250 fans (yes we need some more, so join us today).

Our Facebook fans will see some nice goodies and contests from Simply Business in the nearby future. So sign up now, to have your frontrow seat when it starts.

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