Business tips and links from the team - week 8

We had a busy week in our knowledge team. Besides our daily small business news (grab our newsfeed here) all the writers came up with useful business tips ranging from interviews to top 5’s. That’s why it’s not a big surprise some of these articles are selected in our weekly top 10 catch up.

1. 5 key online marketing concepts for small businesses

An absolute must-read article this week is from Josh with his 5 key online marketing concepts for small businesses. Every small business and startup is thinking about online marketing efforts. But what is what and how should you get involved? Just start by reading this article to begin your online marketing adventure!

2. Why I Failed at Freelancing

I’ve read a very interesting article this week on (thanks to LissaDuty for tweeting about it). Tim Wassoon writes about his unsuccessful first attempt to be a freelancer. He has learnt his lesson and shares his views on where the pitfalls are if you start work as a freelancer.

3. Starting a business in a competitive industry

To inspire our customers and followers we regularly publish interviews with Simply Business entrepreneurs to help you make the right choices for your business. We all know that a startup can only be successful if you are different, better or cheaper. I was amazed that Clara Beasley started Gridmodels because there was no agency dealing only in F1 models! So many F1 races, so many men loving F1 models and no company handling the demand. Well done Clara! Read here startup business tips.

4. PR agencies who don’t miss the social media bus

It’s all social media these days. Everybody is talking about it, but are you doing it? There are some PR agencies who skip the hot air and start using social media effectively. Follow Boomerang PR, a small PR agency specialising in social media on their Twitter account.

5. Flexible working improves health

Employees who have an input into their working patterns could be healthier. It’s apparently a first find, but we would love to see more research on this topic! Read this article on the website

6 Payment on Account - what it is and how to pay

The annual rush to get your tax return in on time, only to be presented with a whopping great bill, is one of the least entertaining parts of the year. Learn more about Payment on Account.

7. Choosing a name for your small business

When starting up a new business, one of the first things you need to do is choose a suitable name for your enterprise. It is worth spending time considering the name, since not only will this be the first thing potential customers see, but it will also be with you for the duration of your venture.

8. How do I negotiate a great rate?

Eventually every business has to make money. So that’s why we loved this article on this week. It’s an article with many tips how you can negotiate the best rate for your business.

9. Our first Youtube video about invoice finance

Our colleague James Pass battled against the nerves before he presented before the Simply Business cameras last week. Check out our first YouTube video that deals with a very important question: how can invoice finance improve your cashflow?

10 Great workplace movies and why we love them

We spend about half of our waking lives working, probably more if we are business owners, which is undoubtedly why films and television shows about the workplace are so entertaining for so many people.

For your entertainment, here we have listed 5 of our favourites and why they resonate with us so strongly. It’s no coincidence that many of them are comedies!

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