Attract more traffic to your website

Within our knowledge team one of the most asked questions is: “How do I attract more customers to my website?” It’s almost become on a level of: “Is there life after death?” In this article I’m not going to answer this question, but I can give some tips to small businesses on how they can attract the right customers to their website without having to spend a large amount of money. So how do you stand out in the crowd?

Stick to your niche

Increasingly, the battle for customers is being fought online. The benefits of an effective online marketing campaign are significant – but businesses that ignore the digital sphere do so at their peril. If you are to maximise your chances for success, you must investigate how you can make the internet work for you.

For newcomers, the world of online marketing can seem impenetrably complex. So, if you are to make the most of the digital world, what are the main concepts that you must understand?

Update your site frequently

Update regularly: set a date in your Outlook agenda and make it a regular thing in your work. Update consistently; if your customer starts to realise that certain content on your website is updated on a regular basis, they will make return visits.

Be interesting and show your personality

Marketing professionals for big companies with big websites are usually not able to show their personality in their content. Because you are a small company you probably can show who you are and what drives you to run your business. Customers will love it and you will have made a start on creating a brand.
Start putting more of yourself into some content and watch what happens. If it’s too much you will certainly notice the feedback.

Use social media to promote your content

You’ve probably read some articles about social media and you might even have a Twitter account. Now it’s time to use it! Post at least three times a day. Link one article directly from your twitter account and use the other two to retweet somebody’s tweet or just to link to another site with interesting content. Do not promote your own content alone; share other content with your followers too.

Make your customers and followers ambassadors

It’s often overlooked but did you know that the average Facebook page consists of 130 friends? If 10 customers become a fan of your page, 1300 people will see your fan page. So don’t forget your loyal customers and friends. They will help you promote your content online.

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