Wholesale invoice factoring

Wholesale invoice factoring

  • Boost your cashflow
  • Receive money within 24hrs
  • Maybe cheaper than a loan
  • Easy setup

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Improve the cashflow of your wholesale business

Late payments continue to be a problem for businesses when it comes to balancing the books. Is your wholesale business suffering from late paying customers? Do your customers tend to pay later? Using factoring or invoice discounting could be a solution for improving your cashflow.

Benefits of wholesale invoice finance compared with an commercial loan

  • Invoice Finance will typically provide you with a larger upfront cash injection.
  • The facility is linked to your sales (not your balance sheet) and will therefore grow with your business.
  • Invoice Finance can be a cheaper alternative to a commercial loan.
  • Financial planning is made easier, as agreements are for a fixed period and are not repayable on demand.
  • With Factoring, you can outsource management of your entire sales ledger (should you so wish) saving you both time and costs.

Your wholesale distribution firm must be currently profitable, or at least in a solid turnaround position.

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