Most landlords 'would consider quitting' following rent controls

Three out of five landlords would leave or consider leaving the private rented sector in the event that rent controls were introduced.

landlords monopoly

This is according to new research from the Residential Landlords Association (RLA), which surveyed 1,000 of its members. The RLA claims that rent controls “will leave tenants worse off.”

The report follows a survey from pressure group Generation Rent that found that nine people support rent controls for every one person who opposes them.

According to Generation Rent, 77 per cent of private sector tenants are in favour of the introduction of controls.

The RLA report suggests that 75 per cent of landlords cut or froze their rents during 2014, and that 65 per cent intend to do so again during the current year.

RLA Chairman Alan Ward said: “These results blow a hole through the myth that rent controls would be good for tenants.

“At a time when tenants need more choice over where they live, state-controlled rents would choke off supply, increase rents, and reduce quality. It would be history repeating itself.

“The reality is that rent controls would leave many tenants paying more than they do at the moment.

“Rather than coming up with ideologically-driven ideas, proponents of rent controls need to address the root issues – namely they need to boost the supply of homes to rent.”

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