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Article Archive - October 2009

  • How minor website faults can turn into major problems

    by Rosie Beasley | 28 Oct 2009

    Faulty websites are turning consumers away from using small businesses, according to a recent survey by The research reveals a worrying trend that has implications for the continued survival of many small firms, particularly those with e-commerce sites.

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  • Business tax dates you need to know

    by Rosie Beasley | 22 Oct 2009

    As a business owner, tax affairs account for many of your most important responsibilities. You will certainly have to deal with HM Revenue and Customs, both to report your income and to pay your tax. Furthermore, depending on the legal structure of your business you may also need to deal with Companies House.

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  • 17 useful online tools for self-employed professionals

    by Rosie Beasley | 07 Oct 2009

    The internet has had an important impact on the way that small businesses operate. Tools that are available for free or at rock-bottom prices are helping to make self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs more efficient and effective in business.

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  • 5 tips for making the most of online reviews

    by Rosie Beasley | 06 Oct 2009

    The technology that enabled internet users to write their own content on websites has revolutionised the internet. For businesses, user generated content (UGC) has ultimately led to an unprecedented transparency across all consumer and b2b markets, where customer reviews of products and services have changed the way people make purchasing decisions online.

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