Backing Britain’s microbusinesses

Sole traders and microbusinesses are the beating heart of the UK economy – but they’re not getting the support they need.

Simply Business has conducted a landmark survey into the realities of running a microbusiness. The Simply Britain Pulse Check offers an unprecedented insight into the needs and wishes of this bedrock of British business. It identifies the key challenges they face – but it also offers a range of concrete steps that government must take to make sure these firms fulfil their potential.

We want to see a voice in Westminster for microbusinesses. We are calling for a Minister for Microbusiness in the next Parliament, charged with representing this crucial part of the economy. We hope you will support our call by signing the petition.

Want to read the Simply Britain Pulse Check? Get the report below

The Simply Business Pulse Check is a landmark study of the needs and wishes of the UK’s microbusiness community. Download the report and keep an eye on our Knowledge Centre for further news. Get the report

What did we find?

50% of respondents don't believe that any party understands the needs of microbusinesses.
56% believe that both local and central government are out of touch with their needs.
Every area of recent policy change was scored as making no dfference to business by at least 50% of respondents.
Sole traders and microbusinesses are at the very heart of the UK economy, and it is these firms that are driving the country back to real growth. We need a sustainable recovery — one that works for everyone, and that is spread evenly across the country. It is the UK's smallest businesses that can provide the sound economic foundation we need to deliver this.
Jason Stockwood,
CEO, Simply Business