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Running a side business

How to set up (and run) a side hustle

Setting up (or running) a side hustle?

For many people today, running a side business is an initial step into self-employment. A side hustle lets you experiment with business ideas and being your own boss, all while you have the security of a regular salary.

But how do you get one started? What are the legalities of running a side hustle alongside employment? And what business ideas could you try anyway? Here's all of our tips and guides, collected in one place.

Side hustle boom

New research from Simply Business reveals that over one third of people in the UK now run their own side hustle, with some savvy entrepreneurs expecting to make more than £5,000 each in additional income in the next year.

In terms of how the pandemic impacted people and their plans for their side business, our survey highlights that:

  • nearly a third (28 per cent) said it gave them time and energy to make their side hustle happen
  • one quarter (23 per cent) said it made them reconsider what they wanted to do long term
  • one in five (20 per cent) were also motivated to make up for lost income

Get more findings from our survey of 1,000 people across the UK.

What insurance do you need for your side hustle?

How Rourke's pies started a successful side hustle

Side hustle get going icon

How to start a business

Side hustles often develop naturally from passions and hobbies, but treating it as a business from the get-go can help to make it a success.

Read how to start a business.

Side hustle tax icon

Side hustle taxes

It’s important to make sure you're paying the right UK taxes when you're both employed and self-employed.

Read our guide to second job tax.

Side hustle plan icon

How to write a business plan

While some side hustles get going without a plan, it's always useful to write down your goals. If a business has ambitions to grow, it needs to have a plan.

Download your free business plan template.

Side hustle ideas icon

10 of the best UK small business ideas

Looking to start a side hustle but don't know where to start? Here are some of the best ideas for 2021, based on our data of the latest small business trends.

Discover 10 small business ideas and trends.

Side hustle legal icon

We’ve worked with DAS UK, experts in legal services for small businesses, to create an overview of the legal obligations involved with running a side hustle.

Find out your legal obligations.

Side hustle start at home icon

Starting a business from home – a guide

Lots of people start their side hustle from home, whether it's baking or an online shop. There’ll be different legal requirements and tax responsibilities depending on your business.

Read about starting a home business.

How to start a bakery business with Butterwick Bakery

Side hustle service icon

What is good customer service?

Customer service can make or break your side hustle. Being attentive, friendly, and responsive to feedback can help you build a great reputation for your product or service.

Read about great customer service.

Side hustle joy icon

The joys and challenges of running a side hustle

Communications specialist and founder of The Women’s Vault, Olivia Bath, shares the joys and challenges she's experienced since starting a side hustle alongside her corporate career.

Read Olivia's story.

Side hustle work life balance icon

How to achieve work life balance when you have a side hustle

The side hustle has been growing in popularity as a way to earn extra money, but balancing the rest of your life alongside moonlighting is not without its challenges.

Get tips on achieving work life balance.

Side hustle students icon

Business ideas for students: a guide to starting your side hustle

If you're a student looking to start a side hustle alongside your studies, this guide gives you specific tips and business ideas. How can you join this growing trend?

Get student-specific ideas and tips.

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