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Whether you're a workaholic or a Zen master, what's your secret for running a business, whilst having a life?

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How’s your balance?

Finding a perfect balance between work and life would be great. But this balancing act can be close to impossible if you run your own business. In fact, it can often be hard to see where work ends and life begins, let alone carve out any leisure time. So Simply Business, with the support of mental health charity Mind, are taking a good look at how the UK’s small business owners are coping.

Check out the results of our survey, take our quiz to see how you measure up, and explore our real-life tips to help you reach that blissful balance.

The big balance survey

Quizzes are great for a bit of fun, but to get a deeper look at business habits and working patterns we surveyed the UK’s business owners. This is just the start of what we found …

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Almost 50% of business owners cancel events with family and friends during the week due to work pressures.

The big balance survey 02

26% take less than 10 days off work annually, and over 5% don’t have time to take a holiday at all.

The big balance survey 03

Over 60% of sole traders and small business owners say that work stops them getting a good night’s sleep.

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Top Tips

Top tips for better balance

  1. #1 However busy things get, plan in some time each week for friends and family.
  2. #2 Build holiday time into your plans so you prepare for it well in advance.
  3. #3 Keep your mind and body going with exercise and healthy eating. There’s loads of advice out there, and it’ll help you and the business.
  4. #4 Wind down in the evening and get a good night’s sleep. It’s crucial for wellbeing and concentration.
  5. #5 Create a Zen workspace. If you need some inspiration, check out our workspace tips from leading home-based bloggers.
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"We don’t clock in and out of the factory anymore. The self-employed have been at the vanguard of that change, yet they’re not getting the support they need."

Jason Stockwood, CEO of Simply Business

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