Beyond the Bay

Comparing the world’s top startup ecosystems

Silicon Valley might be the obvious destination for startups, but where else in the world offers opportunities for founders, investors, and developers?

Show best opportunities for startups seeking funding startups not seeking funding investors developers

number of investors vs. number of startups

San Francisco and the Bay Area stands out for startups seeking investment, as does New York. Seattle and Singapore boast strong investor to startup ratios and rich talent pools, making them attractive locations for startups. Hong Kong also looks favourable but with proportionally fewer developers, securing talent may prove tougher.

Definitions & Sources

  • Startups: Number of startups in each location (source: AngelList).
  • Investors: Number of investors residing in each location (source: AngelList).
  • Developers: Number of people with software developer, software engineer or web developer in their job title (source: LinkedIn - N.B. data not available for Tel Aviv, Santiago, Nairobi, Dublin & Kiev).

The line in the relevant scatter plots represents the ratio of developers to startups or investors to startups, across all locations in the study.

Chart includes the top 50 locations by number of new startups, Oct 2013 - Oct 2014 (source: AngelList).

Inspired by the following posts from Mark Suster: [1] [2] [3]