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3rd November 20103-minute read

Freelance branding tips you should follow from the start

Branding might not be the first thing you think of as a freelancer. Many people presume that this is the preserve of large companies with…

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26th October 20103-minute read

What Starbucks can teach you about location-based marketing

Like it or loathe it, since its inception Starbucks has consistently explored new marketing techniques and technologies. The coffee…

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18th August 20103-minute read

6 ways to increase footfall in your retail store or local shop

Reviewed for 2018 Increasing footfall is a key part of any retail business’s expansion plan. Growth in footfall is vital if you are to…

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3rd June 20104-minute read

Why marketing data is important to a growing business

In order to grow your business successfully, you have to understand your customers. This can help you to formulate new product ideas, and…

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13th April 20103-minute read

Marketing return-on-investment - what is ROI and how is it measured?

Marketing activities can make or break a small business. The way in which you market your firm is key to your success; well thought out…

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3rd March 20104-minute read

6 ideas for reviving your pub in the community

Pubs are having a very hard time. One recent report suggested that the UK has lost 21,000 pubs since 1980 - and half of those closures have…

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11th February 20103-minute read

How to create an effective business card

Despite the rise of electronic methods of communication, in many industries business cards continue to reign supreme. For many professionals…

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5th February 20104-minute read

Valentines day marketing for every business

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Although a dreaded annual event for single people and the perpetually unromantic, the holiday…

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11th December 20094-minute read

Top tips for tip-top Christmas sales

Christmas is a vitally important period for retailers across the country. Indeed, many firms make the overwhelming bulk of their revenue…

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16th September 20093-minute read

How to get business referrals and make the most of them

In a recent survey by IT company Easynet Connect, 81% of the businesses who responded said that they regularly refer business to contacts…

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