Tool thieves lead police on high-speed chase before dramatic crash

Police in Somerset chased down three suspects who fled the scene of an attempted tool theft.

Brazen thieves attempt afternoon theft

Taking ‘daylight robbery’ literally, the thieves didn’t even wait until nightfall before attempting their theft.

The call to the police came in at around 2.30, when they were spotted trying to break into a van and get at the power tools inside.

Thieves lead police on high-speed chase

When the thieves realised the police were on the way, they took off in their own vehicle – a blue 4x4 – leading the responding officers on a chase through the major roadways of Taunton.

The chase ultimately resulted in a crash, after which the three suspects fled on foot. Two were apprehended, but a third is still at large.

Stolen vans used in criminal offences

Somerset isn’t the only place where van thieves are getting their jollies at the expense of tradespeople.

Earlier in January, a thief from Stoke-on-Trent was charged after stealing a £20,000 van and driving it at over 80mph, swerving pedestrians, other drivers, and even police stingers. It emerged during his trial that he had 255 previous convictions.

And over in Birmingham, another thief rammed into a police car in a stolen van before also attempting to flee the scene. Birmingham Live has compiled a video of the most dramatic police chases from the Midlands in 2018.

Have you been the victim of van theft? Let us know in the comments.

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