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What do tenants want when settling into a new rental property?

What do tenants want when settling into a new rental property?
Mollie Millman

Mollie Millman

06 October 2017

40 per cent of tenants say that cushions and furnishings are key to making a new place feel like home, according to the research by the charity Shelter and its partner B&Q.

TV and internet high priority for renters

The survey spoke to 4,000 tenants on their attitudes to settling into a new rental property, and getting the TV and internet working was the highest priority for 55 per cent of renters.

This was followed by being able to cook a meal for 43 per cent of tenants, putting their own pictures up for 42 per cent and using their own furnishings and cushions for 40 per cent.

It is general good news for landlords who can accommodate these measures and provide a welcoming rental for their new tenants.

Polly Neate, chief executive of Shelter, said: “Every day we speak to renters who desperately want their rented place to feel like it’s their own, and the simply fact is renters who are allowed some choice over how their home is decorated often feel much happier and more secure.”

What do landlords need to rethink?

The results of this survey may cause landlords to rethink what they do and don’t allow at their properties.

In particular, many landlords do not allow permanent changes to be made to their properties, such as putting up new picture hooks that can damage the paintwork or even plaster.

Other landlords are happy for tenants to decorate as long as they return it to the way it was previously when they do move out.

Surprisingly, having white goods at the property is important for only 23 per cent of tenants - something that landlords might want to take into account when considering whether to include such items in their rental properties. Some tenants may prefer to bring their own white goods.

Cleaning your property

Even though many landlords don’t allow their tenants to decorate, décor is actually fairly low down the list for tenants. They’re more interested in the property being clean when they move in.

Unfortunately, cleaning a property at the end of every tenancy – and before viewings, if your property is currently vacant – can get rather expensive. Check out our series of DIY articles for landlords that will help you get your properties sparkling again, starting with how to clean a hob

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