The UK’s best small business pun names

To celebrate the launch of our latest brand campaign, we’re taking a look at some of the UK’s punniest small business names.

From the super-witty to the downright hilarious, the self-employed never cease to amaze.

Whether it’s a locksmith in Portsmouth or an optician in London, as you’ll see below, we’ve found some crackers.

We’re always keen to champion small business owners, and that’s especially true if they’re one of our 425,000 (and counting) customers.

You name it, we insure it

Insuring over 1000 different trade types — from dog walkers to accountants — means we’ve been lucky enough to uncover some of the most creative business names in the UK throughout the years.

That’s why in October we launched our brand campaign, celebrating two of our wonderfully unique customers, and their brilliantly-named businesses.

Showcasing their creativity, you can see our ads in regional press throughout the UK — from the Manchester Evening News to the Bristol Post — and for those in the capital, look out for us on the London Underground.

Spex in the City, London

The first of our campaign stars is Spex in the City’s fantastic owner, Gillian.

Spex in the City

A bespoke optician in Covent Garden, from the moment we saw the name, we knew that we had to share it with the rest of the UK.

Surelock Homes, Portsmouth

Next up, Portsmouth based locksmith Surelock Homes, owned by Simply Business customer Paul.

Surelock Homes

Established for over a decade, Paul and his team have been helping people in their area (and putting a smile on their face!) since 2006. We thought it was about time that we spread that joy to the rest of the UK.

More of our favourite small business names

But Spex in the City and Surelock Homes are really just the tip of the iceberg. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find hilarious names up and down the country.

From takeaways to high-street stores, self-employed creativity really knows no bounds…

Alan Cartridge

Alan Cartridge, Leeds
Image source: Digital Spy

World of Woolcraft

World of Woolcraft, Kent
Image source: BRG2, Flickr

Samuel L Jackson

Samuel L Jackson, Liverpool
Image source: Liverpool Echo

Frying Nemo

Frying Nemo, Yorkshire
Image source: TripAdvisor

What’s your favourite punny business name?

Now you’ve seen some of our favourites, we’d love to hear yours - just vote in the poll below.

Have you seen another pun-tastic business in your area? Or perhaps you’re the witty owner of one yourself?

Share your other favourite business pun names in the comments section below, or head over to our Facebook post.

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