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How to clean a bathroom sink in a rental property

2-minute read

How to clean a bathroom sink in a rental property
Josh Hall

Josh Hall

31 October 2017

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The bathroom is a pain point for rental properties, but to make sure yours is ready for new tenants, the bathroom sink needs to be spick and span.

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We’ve put together a series of DIY videos with Harriet, owner of Calm Oasis Cleaners and Simply Business customer, to help your rental property sparkle for its next viewing.

A clean sink will help your rental property shine

The bathroom sink is one of the most important features of a rental property, so it’s vital that yours is properly cleaned to impress potential tenants.

Seeing a sink with stains or limescale is a real turn-off when viewing a property, but taking a few simple steps will help you eradicate the problem.

By acquiring a few low-cost and easy-to-find products, and following tips such as using a vinegar-based solution to help taps shine, the task isn’t a daunting one. Check out Harriet’s video guide to getting it sorted.

Tools for cleaning a bathroom sink

  • A microfiber cloth to soak your sink with cleaning spray and making sure the liquid is evenly spread
  • Proprietary bathroom cleaner spray to remove stains and dirt that may have gathered in your sink
  • A dry rag or an old, clean item of clothing to dry the sink post-cleaning, and give it some extra shine
  • Distilled vinegar to mix with water to create a solution to help you buff up your taps

Cleaning your bathroom sink is a relatively straightforward process, but a few insider tips that are quick and easy to follow will get it extra sparkling. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Soak your microfiber cloth with water
  • Spray the sink and taps with proprietary bathroom cleaner, not forgetting to cover the outside section
  • Spray your microfiber cloth with proprietary cleaner then wipe the sink down fully
  • Rinse the cleaning fluid from the cloth then use it to wipe the fluid from the sink
  • Wring out the cloth to help it dry
  • Make a solution of half water, half distilled vinegar and spray a small amount on the cloth
  • Wipe the solution on the taps to buff them up

How to clean a smelly drain in a bathroom sink

Buildups of bacteria, along with blockages, can cause a bathroom sink to smell. You can combat this by regularly repeating the following steps.

  • Rub some baking soda around the seal of the drain. Mix it with water until it forms a paste
  • The baking soda is alkaline, and this will help to break down things like soggy hair that clog up the drain and cause a smell
  • Scrub the paste around the drain of the sink and the edges of the taps
  • Remove the paste with water, making sure that none of the residue remains
  • Wipe the drain and the rest of the sink clean with a cloth

Get your whole property ready for new tenants

The bathroom is crucial for a rental property, but it's not the only element that needs attention. Look out for more DIY videos on Simply Business to help you get your whole property shining for new tenants.

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