#Business100: the top influencers in the small business scene - who to follow and how to rank

Find out who’s top of the live #Business100 leaderboard, who’s already climbing, and how you can boost your influencing skills and profile to get your name on the list.

Staying on top of the business headlines can be overwhelming. With more news channels and platforms than ever before, how do you decide where to look first? And more importantly, who really knows their stuff?

The Simply Business #Business100 list is built just for that. It’s a dynamic, live leaderboard, which updates regularly to show who’s leading the pack in writing, talking, tweeting, or posting about the issues relevant to you as a small business owner.

How does it work?

We take small business news and tips seriously, and this leaderboard is the next step for our Knowledge centre and monthly newsletters. But how does it work, and what decides who climbs and who falls on our live #Business100 list?

It’s all thanks to the clever folk over at Rise, who’ve built our board for us. How you rank depends on social metrics, in particular what’s known as your Klout score, which ranks people according to their online social influence. The scale goes from 1 to 100, and where you sit depends on how much influence you have and how other people are performing.

How can my Klout score benefit my business?

It’s simple really. The more you’re seen to be an expert in your given field, the better for your business profile and new work pipeline. Having a voice and showing your acumen establishes trust, but it also puts you in front of many more would-be customers.

Don’t forget, it doesn’t have to be our #Business100 list you’re set on climbing. Securing a good Klout score tells you how much presence you have in any field and across all online platforms, whether you’re Barack Obama (currently scoring 99) or a personal trainer from Ipswich.

The main thing is to get influential online, which leads us to…

 How can I improve my Klout score?

The algorithm may be clever, but improving your Klout score isn’t rocket science. To boost your influence and start ranking, use your website, social channels, and even things like video or podcasting to give people content they’ll want to share and engage with.

Klout themselves remind people to connect all their social networks once signed up with the platform, because the more likes, retweets, mentions, and shares you’re getting for your content, the higher your Klout score will go.

 We have a #Property100 board too

If you’re a landlord reading this, don’t worry. We’ve already launched the #Property100 leaderboard, giving you live action on who’s bagging the headlines in UK property.

Again, it’s all about your Klout score. So start producing lots of lovely content your audience will want to share and talk about, and watch your score go right to the top.

Who do you follow for business news? Let us know below.

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