Tradespeople rated healthier than fitness instructors, according to new study

Tradespeople rank amongst the healthiest workers in the UK, according to research from IronMongery Direct.

Tradespeople healthier than other workers

Those working in plumbing, electrical insulation, and construction topped the list of the most active professionals in the UK - even above fitness professionals like personal trainers.

The survey of 2,014 UK adults found that not only are tradespeople more active on any given day than all other professions - with an average of seven hours - they also burn more calories than any other profession. In contrast, those who work in health and fitness tend to only be active for five hours a day.

And the calories? The study found that the average tradesperson burns up to 2,500 extra calories a day, on top of what their body would burn carrying out its usual daily functions.

Office snacks a cause for concern

At the other end of the scale, office workers are among the most sedentary, with some burning as few as 300 calories a day (on top of what the body naturally burns day to day).

Just as worryingly, these workers were also the most likely to eat sugary snacks at work, with nearly one in four saying they eat cake or biscuits every day.

The report also painted a broader picture about the pressures of work, with 51 per cent blaming this for a lack of exercise. Just 19 per cent of respondents said they go to the gym at least once a week.

Make sure you’re eating right

The IronMongery report said: “Incorporating elements of a healthy lifestyle into your working day is essential.

“Those with active jobs, such as individuals working in the trade industry, should ensure they are consuming the correct number of calories to avoid running out of fuel during busy or strenuous days.

“However, those with lower activity levels should also be conscious of what they eat, being aware that they are burning more energy.”

Tips for staying healthy

While this news might make you feel fairly relaxed about the brews and biscuits waiting for you at a client’s house, as the report says, what you eat matters a lot more, in some respects, than how many calories you consume.

For a healthy body, you need plenty of fresh produce, with protein being important for the building and repair of muscle tissue. It’s also important to stay hydrated, especially in the height of summer.

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How does your job help you keep fit? Let us know in the comments.

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