Most landlords are feeling confident about buy-to-let in 2017 - but only just

Most landlords are confident about the prospects of buy-to-let over the coming year, a new poll by Simply Business reveals.

56 per cent of landlords feeling positive about buy-to-let

Despite the many changes the government have introduced this year, such as a stamp duty land tax surcharge for landlords and letting agent fees to no longer be the responsibility of tenants, most landlords have high hopes for the coming year.

56 per cent of those polled said they were feeling confident about the state of buy-to-let and were expecting good things from 2017. And with talks of build-to-rent properties, as well as the ever climbing average tenant deposit and lower mortgage rates, it’s certainly not all doom and gloom for landlords this year.

Nearly half of UK landlords are having their doubts

Even though the majority of landlords are feeling upbeat, 44 per cent are less certain about the year ahead.

Some of the recent changes are going to make things more difficult for landlords, depending on where their properties are located, whether or not they’re looking to expand their portfolio, and how much capital they have to work with.

It’s recently come to light that Santander have a clause in their buy-to-let mortgage agreements requiring landlords to “raise rents by the maximum” whenever possible. While such moves may help landlords who’re struggling financially after recent changes, managing director of Vantage Finance, Lucy Hodge, said having such a clause in a mortgage agreement feels “excessive and disproportionate.”

How are you feeling about buy-to-let in 2017? Let us know in the comments.

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