How do your tenants rate you? Here's how ‘Asktenants’ can help you find out

Have you ever wondered how your tenants really feel about you and your property? Well, now you can find out.

A website designed for tenants to rate their landlord and rented property can reveal tenants’ thoughts on everything from the noise levels around an area to the brightness of your property.

The website,, is in partnership with The Tenants’ Voice, a popular forum for renters.

What do your tenants think of you?

Finding out what your tenants think about you and your property seriously couldn’t be easier.

Just enter your postcode and select your property, and you’ll be taken to a review hub page for your property.

‘Asktenants’ reveals all to landlords with rental property reviews

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And it’s not just your current tenants - you’ll also be able to see the thoughts of any past renters who’ve lived at the property.

Each rating has a name attached to it so you should recognise previous tenants’ reviews, while it also shows you how many times the review has been viewed.

What can you learn?

You can learn a lot about the way your tenants feel about you as a landlord, and about your property in general.

Currently a bit hands-off with your induction process? Be prepared to read their thoughts on it. Had a dispute over a returned deposit? They can rank the process as fair or not.

The results of a reviewer’s questionnaire give a comprehensive overview on everything from the decor and cleanliness of your rental, to the monthly energy costs.

And the final, all-important question on the list? ‘Do you recommend this property?’

Check out your competition

It’s worth keeping in mind that your property might not have any reviews yet.

But the website can still serve another handy purpose - scoping out the opposition.

Sorted by distance, the site shows you rated properties near the one you searched for, so you can see what tenants think of the properties that you’re potentially competing with for tenants.

Not got any reviews? Why not ask?

Finally, if your property is yet to receive any reviews, why not ask your existing, or even previous tenants to submit their views?

Providing you were a good landlord and have positive relationships with your tenants, this could be a great way to secure future rent. Likewise, it could also be a way to hit any negative feedback head on, addressing problems sooner rather than later.

Has your property received any online reviews? Let us know below.

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