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iPhone vs. Android for business – which should you choose?

3-minute read

iPhone vs. Android for business – which should you choose?
Josh Hall

Josh Hall

30 January 2017

The choice between Apple and Android is one of the most important tech decisions you’ll make for your business.

Different users have different but equally strongly-held opinions on the topic. But what should you consider when deciding on iPhone vs Android for your business?

Operating system

The operating system is one of the most important considerations when choosing whether to use iPhone or Android for your business, and many people have strong feelings one way or another.

The Apple iOS is often thought of as being more user-friendly than versions of the Android operating system. The common refrain amongst Apple fans is that it “just works”.

However, a simpler interface has some drawbacks. iOS is much less immediately customisable than Android operating systems – in fact, this is a design choice.

If you want to be able to tweak your phone more dramatically, you might choose a version of Android, but if you’re happy with something that works out of the box, iOS might be the way to go.


Both the Apple and Android app stores are bursting at the seams with software you can install on your phone, and the number on offer is increasing all the time.

However, it may be worth remembering that some developers publish their apps on one store or the other in the first instance, in order to streamline the development process. Which app store they choose will vary by developer, but anecdotal evidence suggests that a larger number of apps may appear on the Apple store first.

Once you’ve found the app, though, you may also want to think about the download process. On iPhone, you can only install apps through the Apple App Store. On Android, however, you can download them through the Google Play Store or in several other ways, including from developers that aren’t published through Play.


Security is an increasing concern for mobile users, with viruses and malware now becoming a significant problem on phones. But which is the most secure for your business – iPhone or Android?

In recent times, the tech press have reported that the Ministry of Defence has opted for the iPhone 7 as the device of choice for sensitive communications, plumping for the Apple offering over its Android competitors. Clearly, this is a strong signal about the security measures offered on the new iPhone.

iOS is well known for its security features, which are partly down to the fact that Apple runs the show at every stage, from software to hardware.

However, the Android team have taken significant steps to improve their own security, particularly by pruning away insecure apps from their app stores. Last year, they also released a major security update based on a technology called TrustZone, which they say will significantly improve the situation for enterprise users.


Storage is another major consideration when deciding between Apple and Android for your business. This choice is fairly simple: iPhones come with fixed storage, available in three different sizes. You can’t increase the storage capacity of your phone once you’ve bought it, and the highest capacity models are significantly more expensive.

On the other hand, most Android handsets come with a slot for an SD card, meaning that you can chop and change your storage as you please, or even keep multiple SD cards if you have large amounts of data that you need to keep hold of.

Battery life

While the days of phones that die within hours are more or less over, there can still be major discrepancies in battery life amongst different handsets.

Here, Android might have the upper hand if only because there is a larger number of devices on offer. For example, while most tests suggest that the iPhone 7 will get you through most of the day on a single charge, the results can be very different for high spec Android offerings.

The much-hyped OnePlus 3T, on the other hand, promises a full day’s worth of juice after just half an hour of charging.

The ‘ecosystem’

Finally, it’s worth thinking about the different steps in the so-called ‘ecosystem’ that are controlled by either Apple or the Android teams.

For Apple, control is everything: they run the software, the hardware, and the only place from which you can download and install apps. For existing Apple users, this can be a blessing: your iPhone will integrate seamlessly with your MacBook, for example.

However, if you’re more interested in flexibility, you should think about Android. The drag-and-drop file transfer functionality works well on Windows, Chromebook, and others, and many users prefer not to be locked in to a single system.

Are you an Apple fan or an Android convert? Let us know in the comments.

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