Public liability claims case studies

So you’re thinking about taking out public liability insurance, but you’re still not sure what it covers.

While the policy wording is all very well, it can be useful to see some public liability claims examples to help you get an idea of the kinds of scenarios that would be covered by public liability insurance.

Case study one: furniture fitter

One of our policyholders is a furniture fitter who had to claim on his public liability insurance while working on a new build house.

A cabinet he had installed fell of the wall and knocked a fellow contractor off a step ladder, causing injury to the contractor’s wrist and back.

The claim was settled at £25,235, but the furniture fitter only had to pay the excess of his policy, which was £250.

Case study two: welder

Another customer of ours is a welder who had a claim made against him after he welded a silencer at a food manufacturing company.

Unfortunately, some months later the silencer failed and debris and grime were leaked into the food being produced.

While the claim ran to £146,000, the welder only paid his £250 excess.

Case study three: plumber

Our third example is a plumber who got himself into hot water after he was contracted to fit a new bathroom.

A plastic push fitting he had installed failed, causing water to leak through the property for around 12 hours, affecting neighbouring houses as well.

In this case the claim was settled for £160,000, of which the plumber only paid £500.

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Please note that every case differs and we cannot guarantee that we will be able to pay out on similar claims.

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