No time off over Christmas or New Year for almost 500k UK small business owners

Nearly half a million small business owners won’t be taking time off this festive season - not even on Christmas Day.

This is according to new research from Bizdaq, which also found that 2.8 million small business owners will be working in some capacity over Christmas and New Year’s.

UK small business owners can’t afford to take Christmas off

With so many small business owners planning to work on both Christmas and New Year’s Day, the real question is why they feel unable to take time off, especially at this time of year.

34 per cent of those who took part in the study revealed that they couldn’t afford to take time off, while a further 17 per cent said they didn’t have enough staff to cover their own holidays.

For 2.3 million small businesses, it’s the cost of finding, training and employing new staff that’s preventing them from taking on additional workers over the Christmas period.

The government is letting down UK’s small business owners

“It is clear that small business owners are still being let down by successive governments,” said Sean Mallon, CEO of Bizdaq, adding that the hard work of SMEs is not being reflected in governmental attitudes, despite the fact that small businesses employ 14.7 million people across the UK.

The fact that 60 per cent of small business owners are working over Christmas is a testament to their hard work, Mallon continued, saying it was therefore ‘very disappointing’ that 43 per cent said taxes were a contributing factor to the long hours they work all year round.

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