Almost all tradesmen say rogue traders are giving them a bad name

A new Simply Business poll shows that a huge number of tradesmen are concerned about the impact conmen are having on their reputation, with 93 per cent of voters saying rogue traders give them a bad name.

The Simply Business poll was voted on by 1,500 people, in response to an article that showcased the very best and the very worst of the industry.

Tale of two halves

Last month we told the story of the hero builders who helped restore the house of an OAP who had been targeted by rogue traders.

Builder Sam Clothier and fellow tradesmen came to the rescue of a pensioner after conmen damaged his wall and ceiling and fleeced him for thousands of pounds.

Tradesmen speak out

The article prompted a huge response, with many praising the valiant efforts of Sam and his friends, who gave up their spare time to help out. John Gooner commented on the article: “That’s brilliant - well done fellas. This goes to show the majority of builders are hardworking decent people.”

But many also expressed disgust with the men who had made the initial mess. Stanley Garraway pointed out “You got to remember the cowboys are not tradesman, and have never had formal training as such. They are just con artists and chancers. Thus making them nothing to do with the trade.”

But even though these scams are often perpetrated by conmen posing as tradesmen, they still tarnish the trade. A recent survey showed that almost 90 per cent of homeowners fear hiring a tradesman due to concerns over bodge jobs and being ripped off.

How can the problem of rogue traders be tackled? Tell us in the comments.

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