The 7 weirdest things landlords have found in their properties

Tenants often leave things behind when they vacate a rental property. A coffee table, perhaps? Maybe even a stain on the carpet?

Some landlords, however, have found far more bizarre things left behind in their properties. And here are our favourites:

1. A colossal wasps nest

While a stain on the carpet can be unpleasant, it tends not to be quite as terrifying as 10,000 wasps.

Fortunately, the wasps had vacated the premises by the time the ‘colossal’ nest was found inside a Corby property, which had been empty for two years.

2. A 50 stone pig

Last year a Lincolnshire landlord was surprised to find a Vietnamese pot bellied pig had been living in his property.

The pig weighed in at 50 stone and was discovered when builders working on the property said they’d seen a ‘large dog’. The pig ultimately caused £7,500 of damage.

3. A shark

One landlord thought he’d seen the worst of it when he found a fish tank half full with grimey water that his tenants had left behind.

What he didn’t realise was that lurking in the water was an infant shark. The shark was rescued and donated to a local aquarium, though the landlord was a little peeved when he later found out the tropical creature was worth over £200.

4. Human growth hormone

Cleaning out fridges after a tenant has left can be an unpleasant task, but usually the worst you find in there is mould.

This wasn’t the case for one landlord, who was alarmed to find three syringes being kept cool. On closer inspection it turned out his tenants had left behind a supply of human growth hormone.

5. Cameras

Tenants sometimes accuse their landlords of spying on them, but what if your tenant was spying on you?

After giving their tenant notice to leave so that they could move into the property, an American landlord found a small camera had been installed in their bathroom. It was unclear when the camera had been put there - or if it was live - but the landlord was suitably creeped out and ended up selling the property.

6. Freezers filled with meat

Another one from our neighbours across the pond involved three freezers filled with meat. The white goods were apparently packed full of raw meat that the tenants had left behind.

Even more strange - and unpleasant - was that all three freezers were in the yard outside the property. Being outside, they weren’t plugged in, and by the time the landlord arrived the meat had turned rancid. Yuck.

7. Glow in the dark stickers

One set of tenants weren’t particularly pleased when their landlord gave them notice to quit, so they decided to redecorate. Well, sort of.

The whole of the downstairs was covered in glow in the dark stickers, giving the landlord something of a fright on their first evening back in the property.

Have you had anything strange left in your property? Let us know in the comments!

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