Tradesmen reveal the worst part of their jobs

From long hours to filing tax returns, a new survey by Simply Business has shone light on the worst parts of being a tradesman.

Other people’s dodgy work bothers tradesmen most

At nine percentage points higher than any of the other options, fixing other people’s mistakes proved to be tradesmen’s biggest bugbear.

Having seen the state so-called cowboy builders can leave people’s houses in, it’s no wonder that having to start from even further back than square one is the worst part of the job for so many tradesmen.

This issue along with other downsides of the job itself, including long hours and working outside in winter, are what 54 per cent of tradesmen consider to be the biggest drawback of the profession.

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40 per cent of tradesmen hate paperwork

On the other hand, only 40 per cent of those surveyed think that paperwork and other admin tasks are the worst part of the job.

HMRC was unpopular with many, with 18 per cent saying filing tax returns was their least favourite activity, and another 18 percent saying that dealing with HMRC was the part of work they like least.

This probably won’t come as a surprise to many, given that waiting on the phone to HMRC cost taxpayers £97 million last year and those waiting times are set to increase.

Faffing about insurance got the lowest vote at only three percent, so perhaps setting up your public liability insurance won’t be as painful as you were expecting!

What’s the worst thing about your work? Tell us in the comments!

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