Most expensive tradesman fails

Any tradesman knows that accidents will happen. However, as these blunders show, not all accidents are created equal…

Digger vs conservatory

In a fight between a digger and a conservatory, it’s pretty clear who would win.

Still, one groundworker from Bath decided to test the theory anyway when he reversed the digger he’d borrowed from a friend right through a conservatory at the property he was working on.

With its fancy underfloor heating making it more expensive to repair - and some rather unhappy clients - the groundworker ended up shelling out £85,000. Ouch.

This time next year we’ll be millionaires…

…is probably not something one tradesman from Milton Keynes will be saying any time soon, after a true Only Fools and Horses style gaffe.

In what must have been a horrifying moment, he managed to recreate a famous scene from the beloved British sitcom after being instructed to fit a very expensive, one of a kind chandelier.

Miraculously, the chandelier survived the fall, but it cost £100,000 to repair. What a plonker.

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Carpet disaster

When you’re a painter and decorator, you’re going to get paint on the carpet from time to time. If you can’t sort it out with your clients, then a quick claim on your public liability insurance will easily cover the costs.

However, things get a bit more complicated when it’s a one of a kind, handmade carpet from Harrods which runs through the entire downstairs of a large country house.

That’s what happened to one decorator from Leicester, who managed to drip paint in several places on the carpet. Hopefully he’s bought some better dust sheets, as the owners walked away with a £100,000 cash settlement.

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Fortunately for those three, they had public liability insurance in place, so none of those settlements came out of their own pockets. If you’ve not got it in place already, then maybe it’s time to think about a public liability quote of your own.

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