Do tradesmen want out of the EU?

A recent poll has shown that the majority of tradesmen believe they would be better off if Britain votes to leave the EU on June 23rd.

We recently investigated whether Brexit would be good for tradesmen in the UK, and at least according the result of our poll, most tradespeople think it would.

More than any other sole traders or small business operations, tradespeople believe that leaving the EU would be best for their business interests. 65 per cent intend to vote against remaining in the EU, and with 10 per cent unsure of how they will vote, only a quarter want us to stay.

Skills and shortages

Reports have suggested that leaving the EU may cause a serious skills shortage, meaning UK tradesmen may enjoy a wage boost.

A lack of qualified bricklayers has already seen the pay of those working in the industry rocket to £1,000 a week in some instances. If we leave the EU, tighter regulations regarding who is allowed to enter the country could cause a similar effect across other trades.

Plus, if these regulations come into effect, they will aim to ensure that only those who have valuable skills will be allowed to enter the UK. This may well raise the bar for tradesmen operating over here and keep dodgy traders from undercutting honest workers.

Des McKay commented that leaving the EU may encourage the UK to focus on training British-born workers, instead of hiring from the Continent: “Our wages will drop and standards decrease to a dangerous levels if we carry on bringing in people instead of training our own.”

What do the polls say?

Current polls suggest that the Leave campaign is gaining momentum, with support for the Remain campaign having dropped from over 50 per cent to just 45 per cent since September. 43 per cent currently support exiting the EU, although experts are still undecided on the likely outcome.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

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