Builder sues ex-girlfriend for £60,000 of ‘unpaid work’

Gareth Powell, 31, is suing Chloe Thomas, 28, claiming he’s been short-changed in a property deal.

Skills that didn’t pay the bills

The case centres around the purchase of a £315,000 property in London’s Wandsworth, orchestrated by Miss Thomas in 2012.

Bought solely in her name and solely with her money, Mr Powell claims his role was to renovate the property - a £14,000 loan from his parents helping him to buy the required materials.

He argues he brought the flat up to scratch - installing a wet room and a brand new kitchen - his work proving pivotal in making the flat ready for sale.

Miss Thomas, meanwhile, disputes agreeing to pay Mr Powell for his efforts, their breakup in 2014 leaving the builder out of pocket, and back at his parents.

Contentious contract

Speaking in court recently, Mr Powell told the judge that Miss Thomas had betrayed him, suggesting that she had gone back on an agreement that he would be entitled to a third of the profit if they split.

To protect both parties interests, he suggests, a contract was proposed by Miss Thomas’s mother, however, her daughter declined to sign the agreement as she was “angry that he would get any share”, as it was entirely her property.

Speaking in court she defended her decision to tear up the copy of the contract Mr Powell did sign, suggesting that “I tore it up about a year before the break up because I was trying to get the relationship back on track.”

Powell - who Thomas’s defence claims hasn’t worked full-time since 2010 - is now chasing a £60,000 payout, claiming this is what he’s owed for his renovation efforts.

We don’t know what to make of this one - has you or anyone you know you experienced something similar? Tell us your story in the comments section below.

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