Public liability insurance certificate - what is it and why should you use it?

If you’re one of our customers you can create a digital business insurance certificate, and put a proof of policy badge on your website.

What is a public liability insurance certificate?

A public liability certificate - also known as your policy schedule - acts as proof of your public liability insurance, and tells the world that your small business has the cover in place. It’ll outline that the public liability covers you and indicate its limits, as well as summarise the effective dates of your individual policy. See the image below for an example certificate:


Do I need to display my public liability insurance certificate?

Displaying your public liability insurance certificate is not required by law but it is recommended, as it can help reassure your customers.

How can a certificate of public liability insurance benefit your business?

As we’ve already highlighted, showing your certificate tells others you’re insured - a great way to gain customer trust and calm any insurance concerns. In combination with your proof of policy badge (more on that later) it can help you win or retain existing customers.

How can you get your hands on your digital certificate?

You can request your digital certificate via the proof of policy page on our website, all you need to do is enter your unique policy number. We’ll then email your certificate URL to the email address that you’ve registered with us, and take you to page that looks like this:


From here you’ll be able to generate a preview and see what your public liability insurance certificate looks like, although your unique email will contain the link to your actual certificate:


Your proof of policy badge

In conjunction with your certificate you can create a proof of your policy badge for website. This badge will link through to your certificate and share the finer details of your policy.

Instructions on how to create your badge will be sent when you request your certificate. All it involves is copying and pasting some code like you’ll find below:


Many of our customers do this, as it’s a great way of showing online customers that you’re covered. The badge shown above is what the code will create for your website.

Together, our certificate and online badge make it simple to show others that you’re insured. Click the button below to take a trip to our proof of policy page and get your digital certificate and online badge today.

Get a tailored badge and certificate

Your certificate and badge are a great way to show others you’re insured. Put both in place today, and prove your policy publicly.

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