Builder earns £40k in parking fines but client foots the bill

Wardens working in Kensington and Chelsea caught the tradesman breaking road rules a staggering 340 times last year.

Bob the bill builder

According to the authorities, the Ford Transit owner was Kensington and Chelsea’s worst offender, with the bulk of the tickets tallied up in Cornwall Gardens - an area home to properties worth up to £16 million.

Anyone caught breaking parking rules in the borough faces fines of between £80 to £130, however, thanks to the area’s tricky permit and parking conditions many tradesmen take a risk… sometimes with stunning results.

Fine with me

The tradesmen’s nonchalance accrued a total fine of around £40,000 - enough to send most bankrupt - but rather than worrying about the repercussions he simply added the fines to his bill.

Despite sounding like a stunt a tradesmen from hell might pull, it appears that the affluent client has been all too happy to oblige - come the start of this year some 302 of the 340 fines had been paid.

Could this be a new way to tackle the increasing cost of permits too? We’ll leave that one with you…

What do you make of this arrangement? Has a client ever covered parking fines for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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