Could flood repairs mean a busy 2016 for UK tradesmen?

Following storms Desmond, Eva and Frank, many parts of northern England and Scotland have been left with substantial damage – but what could this mean for the country’s tradesmen?

With flood damage estimates around the £5bn mark, a major rebuilding operation is needed; meaning UK tradesmen are inevitably in high demand.

Clean up operation

The expected level of damage could even surpass the 2007 £3bn total. Thousands of businesses and homes – the government has estimated 16,000 homes were flooded – are in need of repair.

From major structural damage to general cleaning, the differing scales of repair needed ensure trades right across the board could expect a busy first quarter.

As the country looks to get back on its feet, tradesmen in affected areas especially are likely to see the knock-on effect.

New flood defences

And the work doesn’t stop with the clean up and repair.

Prime Minister David Cameron has promised to spend £2.3bn bulking up flood defences over the next six years, improving existing defences and building new ones.

And as well as benefiting the larger infrastructure and construction firms, sub-contractors and the self-employed may well be called upon.

Government funding

In addition to their pledge of £2.3bn to improve flood defences, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills recently offered businesses around £11 million in government ‘quick support’ funding.

Many, however, have questioned the level of commitment, as it emerged Cameron agreed to finance a £300m scheme to protect Thames Valley, but rejected a £180m initiative that would have protected almost 5,000 homes in Leeds.

Are you a tradesman? Are you expecting a busy start to the year because of the floods? Let us know below.

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