Father and son ‘nearly killed’ in West London scaffolding collapse

Scaffolding surrounding an apartment block in West London collapsed, causing major traffic delays and almost crushing pedestrians to death.

The incident happened on a building site in Hayes, with the noise of the metal crashing to the ground sounding ‘like a bomb going off.’

Traffic chaos

Despite the structural collapse covering a pavement and encroaching onto the road, miraculously there were no injuries from the incident.

It did, however, cause chaos on local roads as it took a whopping six hours to clear the scaffolding.

Inches from danger

Along with the stress it caused to commuters, a father and his young son were left shaken up after a near miss.

Guy Beggs, 34, and his two-year-old son were just inches from being caught in the crush.

“I had a bit of a breakdown, I was actually sick to be honest, I didn’t know what was going on,” Beggs told Get West London. “It was like a domino wave all the way down, it was unreal.”

“I sat outside and another man came up and said: ‘You don’t realise how lucky you are, I saw it all. You were very, very close then, the both of you’,” he continued.

Costly mistake

The owners of the scaffolding that collapsed on September 30th could be making a hefty insurance claim in the near future.

Depending on the injuries and/or damage caused, scaffolding collapses can inevitably draw huge public liability and employers’ liability claims – often stretching into the millions.

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