Our customer Steve lights up London in our premier digital screen ad

The people of Manchester have already been treated to the sight of our lovely customer Steve starring in billboards across the city as part of our national advertising campaign.

But we got a great surprise this week when we discovered that we’d also secured the prime spot of the M4 Tower, one of London’s best roadside displays, for our advert.

If you’re driving in or out of west London on the M4, keep your eyes peeled for a huge Simply Business billboard showing Steve in all his painterly glory.

The billboard will be gracing the M4 Tower for two weeks from Monday 21st September.

This is our first outdoor advertising spot in London, as part of a business insurance ad campaign that also includes a radio commercial.

We are big on championing our customers and that’s why we chose Steve who is a painter and decorator from Manchester!

When he left school he followed his father into the decorating trade, doing a job that’s taken him around the country and even across the world. He often works long days to get the job done, but says he wouldn’t have it any other way: ‘I need to be out and about, in the thick of it’. Being a sole trader means that Steve can be a perfectionist, and do each job to his own high standards. Although he enjoyed the experience of the photo shoot, Steve said that he thinks he’ll stick to his day job, which he loves.

Wave to Steve if you spot our advert, and if you’ve got a passenger onboard then get them to snap a picture and tweet it to us @simplybusiness and tell us what you think - we will RT the very best!

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