The Moto Yogo story - Part II

It’s been a busy summer for April and Sarah, here is part II (read part I here) of their story as they look to make the world fruity and frozen.

Over to April herself to continue the rest of her story…

You can choose to do anything in life. Sure, some people get a head start and others have big obstacles to overcome, but essentially the time that you have to be alive is a gift to use as you wish. My partner Sarah and I are optimists; I guess you have to be in order to start a frozen yogurt company in a country where well worn wellies are always on the ready.

When we started Moto Yogo we wanted to disrupt the ordinary humdrum of your lunch hour with something playful and fun, with goodness at its heart - we believe that everyone deserves a good life.

This starts with our customers; we want to give them spoonfuls of the good life. Our organic frozen yogurt is not only the ‘yummiest in the Spooniverse’ but it’s also fat free, lower in sugar than most other frozen yogurt and full of calcium, soluble fibre and probiotics.

Moto Yogo

But ‘the good life’ we aim to create goes way beyond the customer experience. We want to protect a good life for everyone on the planet, so sustainability has always been at the top of the list of values. Back in the 1980s the milk man was behind the wheel of our truck, stopping at every house in the neighbourhood to leave little glass bottles of milk on people’s doorstep. It was probably the most personal and sustainable business ever invented.

Now that supermarkets have driven the milk man (almost) out of business, our beloved ‘Stan the milk float’ has been given a new milky mission, serving a delicious dairy dessert made specially and personally by our ‘froyo artists’. You eat it from compostable pots with a compostable spoon, all made from renewable resources. Stan the milk float himself has even been cleverly designed with enough batteries to power one of our frozen yogurt machines too! Now all we need are solar panels on the roof and we’ll be as green as can be.

Moto Yogo van

The ‘good life’ we aspire to create is also for our ‘swirlers’ and ‘froyo artists’. Even though we are a tiny business in our fragile, early years, we hire young people (some of whom have never had a job before) and we pay them the London Living Wage of £9.15 per hour. It’s probably the best summer job you can possibly have; we work in the sunshine in iconic locations across London, serving a dessert that makes people happy. All of our staff have dreams of their own; we support them by letting them work whatever hours they want and we promote their other talents on social media, taking customers ‘Behind the Swirl’.

Moto Yogo froyo artist

The ‘good life’ is also for our suppliers, including all the other small businesses we buy from every day. But the most important suppliers of all are the cows; they too deserve a ‘good life’, to be fed and cared for by organic standards, to roam free and pick their own grass. That’s why our frozen yogurt is organic.

Finally, we must admit, the good life is for us. Riding in the cab of a brightly coloured little milk float through London traffic is one fun commute. Cyclists pass you by and give you the thumbs up. Everyone talks to you at traffic lights. We get to eat all the frozen yogurt we want every single day. We get to be on the kerb with the most amazing street food community in the world. We get to be part of the fabric of the city, serving at locations like the Gherkin, the Southbank Centre, Kings Cross and more.

It’s hard work and risky business on grey, blustery days, but we know as we grow that we’re making lives better along the way.

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