Landlord-tenant relationship myths revealed

Contrary to popular belief, it seems landlords and tenants are the best of friends.

Landlords and tenants are often portrayed as natural enemies, but recent research has shown the level of contempt to be almost non-existent.

The apparent ill feeling towards the current buy-to-let boom manifested itself in some stern announcements during the Summer Budget, but for those renting at least it seems landlords are a pretty good bunch.

Myth busting

Research from Axa Business Insurance revealed a number of statistics that prove tenants are (in the most part) very happy with their landlords.

Surprisingly, just 6 per cent of tenants say their relationship with their landlord is bad or very bad, whilst an impressive 48 per cent consider their relationship good or very good.

Tenants impressions of their landlord are generally positive with 30 per cent of tenants using words such as helpful, caring, trustworthy and responsible to describe their landlord.

And despite the assumed consensus that private rental prices are overly inflated, 59 per cent believe they pay a fair price.

And the niceties don’t end there…

20 per cent of tenants surveyed said they’d done something nice for their landlord.

Commonly this included small decorating and DIY jobs on behalf of the landlord, with some even swapping gift cards and others baking ahead of a landlord visit.

Room for improvement

The research does, however, suggest there is still work to be done. Even of those with a generally positive outlook, 85 per cent believe the government should do more to protect tenants.

Safety and security are also areas of concern; 74 per cent of landlords have failed to put locks on external windows. Similarly damning figures – that 54 per cent neglect to install a fire alarm and 43 per cent fail to arrange yearly gas safety checks – suggest landlords still have a lot to do when it comes to keeping tenants safe.

Despite 3 per cent of tenants describing their landlord as dishonest, the landlord-tenant relationship appears far better than expected. Never mind being civil, do tenants and landlords actually like each other?

What do you think? Have you got a story of a terrible tenant or lousy landlord? Or does your experience match up with the findings? Let us know in the comments below.

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