Creating the perfect workspace with Faya Nilsson from Fitness on Toast

We are delighted to welcome Faya Nilsson from Fitness on Toast to tell us more about her ultimate creative workspace.

We recently asked over 2,000 freelancers and business owners on their work-life balance, providing a fascinating picture of entrepreneurial working patterns in the UK.

As part of the survey we have been speaking with some of the the UK’s most loved blogs to discover how to create a workspace that works for you. So without further ado, over to Faya..

Tell us a bit about your workspace and why it works for you

My workspace is relatively modest, a spare room that’s 6m x 6m, with plenty of natural light streaming in from 2 sizeable sash windows, whitewashed walls, and decently high ceilings. All of this creates the sense of a bright open space. That’s super important, as I find it enables my mind to do its creative thing without any stifling claustrophobic clutter getting in the way!

Because there’s a lot of graphic design involved in running a blog, I’ve fully equipped the studio with an iMac and a Macbook Pro, enabling my photographer to work seamlessly alongside me too.

There’s a full photo-backdrop and lighting set up, as well as a serious sound system to enable proper immersion in all things creative! It leaves me totally self-sufficient and able to push ahead with projects at my own speed, even if that involves pulling multiple all-nighters!

Faya Nilsson tells us about her ultimate workspace

How does your workspace reflect your personality?

It’s neat and organised, but full of plenty of functional equipment to enable creativity. Also it has a fairly eclectic feel to it, which is great - I find that really energising!

Does your workspace reflect your personality?

What are your top tips for creating the ultimate workspace?

My personal experience is that it’s critical to have some extremely comfortable furniture, as you’re often sitting far more than you might like!

I use a couple of Charles & Ray Eames ‘Soft Pad’ chairs as my desk seats, which enable me to sit for hours without getting a sore back. Also, a deep couch into which you can sink with an emergency mug of tea during the tough moments is crucial too!

I’d say that there’s no replacement for genuine fresh air too, so opening the windows and naturally aerating the studio with a fresh breeze is always my preference.

Top tips for creating the ultimate workspace

How does your workspace keep you calm and focused?

It’s the combination of fresh air, bright natural light, comfortable furniture, ample refreshments and healthy snacks, plus a great sound system so I can immerse myself in whatever music my mind needs at that point - that’s when I can be at my most focussed and relaxed.

How does your workspace keep you calm and focused

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