5 Tips for Pubs to Drive More Business This Summer

This year publicans all across the UK are crossing their fingers for a summer that’s filled with sunshine and fun.

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This year publicans all across the UK are crossing their fingers for a summer that’s filled with sunshine and fun.

Back in 2012, the British Beer and Pub Association reported that beer sales fell by 4.6% in July, believed to be due to poor weather conditions with some of the wettest days the UK had seen in the last 100 years. This year looks to be much brighter with an early July heatwave sweeping its way across the nation as we speak. But with infamous summer showers only ever just around the corner what are the simplest, most cost effective ways to increase your pub or restaurant’s beverage sales, come rain or shine?

Take a look at the following top tips which are sure to drive more people towards your business this summer…

A question of sport

One great aspect revolving around the warmer months is the fact that people love to take part in national sporting events and public holidays are the perfect time for encouraging people to visit your establishment. Golf, cricket and tennis tend to dominate the sports channels for most of June through to August. So, if your pub already holds a TV licence for sports channels, why not advertise this fantastic selling point to your customers using signage or posters?

You’d be amazed by how many more customers you can attract just by letting people know you’ll be screening the biggest sporting events live on TV. Punters love to sip a fine lager or two during sporting events, so jump on the bandwagon throughout these months and watch as your profits soar.

A Taste of Summer

Do you have one special drink that instantly conjures carefree summer days? Offering a punchy summer drinks menu that includes beverages like cocktails, mocktails, flavoured ciders and refreshing fresh soft drinks, is a sure-fire means to attract the attention of your customers and get them into the summer spirit. When customers are faced with a ‘limited edition’ offer, they will be far more likely to choose these types of offers or products over the standard items. Nobody likes to miss out, especially when there is the opportunity to try something new!

Revamp your Sunday menu

Every pub owner knows that a Sunday roast is a pub favourite to serve up for both lunch and dinner. Meat and vegetable selections are a standard choice for many UK-based pubs, but during the summer months, this demand often decreases compared to the colder winter months when warm hearty dishes sound more appealing.

Why not also include some meals which can be complimented by certain drinks you have to offer. Or you may have other dishes that boast ‘seasonal’ local-grown ingredients like fresh strawberries, a well-known summertime treat.

Up the entertainment

Live music always excels in creating a vibrant, welcoming pub atmosphere and that’s why having local bands and musicians play is such a plus to offer potential customers. By investing in an outdoor gazebo, or decking platform, this route will become an even greater selling point for your business. Not only will the entertainment be appreciated by your customers, but it will also attract passers-by and tempt them to come inside for a drink.

Shout Out on Social Media

It won’t come as a surprise to know that Twitter and Facebook are the nation’s most popular sources of communication. Customers can upload their photos, share their locations and even leave reviews using social media platforms.

Setting up a business page on Facebook is easy and will allow customers to explore what your pub or restaurant has to offer. They can check into your particular location, you can upload offers or any seasonal menu changes, as well as promoting your summer drinks or events online. Social channels like Facebook and Twitter also provide a platform for your business to be able to receive customer reviews, helping you to determine their needs in the process.

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