The Moto Yogo story - Part I

Moto Yogo make the yummiest frozen yogurt in the Spooniverse and serve it from electric milk float named Stan. This is their story after 2 years in business - look out for multiple parts over the coming weeks filled with fruity frozen fun!

Over to April herself to begin the story…

My partner Sarah grew up in a foodie family and had a successful career in sales. I studied theatre and then went into marketing and communications.

How did we end up selling organic frozen yogurt from a small fleet of electric milk floats? Well that’s a good question I suppose; it’s probably the second most common question we are asked…

Everyone wants to hear about the day when the new idea came into being, that eureka moment when we suddenly realised how to unlock the door and fly free from our corporate cages.

Poring over ways to crack the code and escape was our normal Sunday morning breakfast routine. I was tucking into my scrambled eggs and white pudding and my partner was leaping precariously from one completely unfeasible business idea to the next.

It went something like this:”Let’s buy some land in Spain and build a sun farm” - “Good idea honey, but we don’t have a million pounds.”

“Ok - Let’s buy some old vintage cars, rip out the engines and make them electric!” “Also a good idea but neither of us are mechanics.” (Sarah has a thing for electric vehicles; they feature in at least 42% of her new business ideas.)

She huffed and puffed, clanking her spoon around the clearly empty marmalade jar and smeared an imaginary streak of it into her slightly burned toast.

She hates it when I imply that we should only go into industries that we know something about.

“Well I don’t hear you coming up with any ideas”, she said, which was fair.

My head hung low and I pushed the last forlorn tomato in circles around my plate, clearing paths through the baked beans. I could hear the clock on the wall, ticking us closer to Monday.

“We just want a simpler life, right? What job would you do, just to be happy?” I said. “For instance, I always thought it would be nice to deliver flowers. Imagine how it would feel to bring people joy every day.”

My eyes wandered out the window. The birds were chirping and you could just see the tiniest buds beginning to appear at the ends of branches - It was 28 February, 2013.

Sarah’s own egg was cool enough in it’s cup to eat now and she reached for the tiny spoon with the chick on the end. Her childlike affinity for Moomins, climbing trees, the full moon and special little details like this egg cup and spoon are some of the many reasons I love her.


She gave the egg a good hard tap and cracked the top. “What about frozen yogurt?”, she said. The birds chirped their approval.

“Frozen yogurt…” I repeated, thinking back to the hottest day of the previous summer, when I limped out of the Olympic Park in my gamesmaker uniform and sat in perfect contentment on the cool marble floors of Westfield, savouring a smooth frozen yogurt with coconut and mango.

“Ahhh… frozen yogurt…Now THAT’s a business we could probably start. And it would make people happy. And it would be FUN. YES.”

Sarah’s eyes grew wide with excitement… “And we could sell it in the street! From an electric vehicle!”

She held the spoon high, jubulantly. “I finally came up with a good one, didn’t I?!”

“Yes honey, I believe you did.”

She scooped out a mouthful of egg while her eyes twinkled with pride…“And it will be the yummiest frozen yogurt in the Spooniverse”

And so it was. And so it is.

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