9 common reasons for being refused landlord insurance

We’ve been speaking to the country’s landlords and gathered some of the most common reasons that people are turned down for landlord insurance.

To make life easier for landlords we’ve teamed up with Modus with some forward-thinking underwriting and technical wizardry which means we can insure a broader range of rental properties than ever before.

If you’ve hit one of these common landlord insurance stumbling blocks, see if we can help.

Your property’s empty

Many insurance policies include a clause that says you’re not covered if your property is unoccupied for more than 45 days. This can obviously cause issues if your tenants aren’t moving in for a while or if you have a gap between tenancies.

Your flat or house is a bit unusual

When you buy a policy, you’ll often have to agree that your property is of ‘standard construction’. This usually means that it has brick or stone walls and a tiled or slate roof. If you’ve got a timber framed property or a flat in a concrete building, for example, you may not be able to agree to this.

You’re doing major renovation work

Insurance policies often have a limit on the amount of renovation work you can be doing to your rental property. Modus policies can cover a property that’s undergoing up to £250,000 worth of renovations, enough to get even a shabby house looking sharp.

You don’t have formal tenancy agreements in place

Lots of insurance companies require their customers to have signed formal tenancy agreements with their renters. If you don’t have a tenancy agreement, for example because you’re renting your property to family members, Modus can still cover you.

Your property has a completely flat roof

A bit like the ‘standard construction’ hurdle, you’ll often be asked whether a certain percentage of your roof is flat. Even if you have a 100% flat roof of varying constructions, Modus can still cover your property.

You’ve been refused insurance before

Frustratingly, a reason for being refused insurance can be that you were refused insurance before. This is an easy way for insurers to filter out customers who were deemed high risk in the past.

Your property is sublet

If your property is sublet – i.e. there are tenants who rent out space to subtenants - this could mean that your landlord insurance is void, and wouldn’t cover you if you came to make a claim.

You don’t have a super-secure rental property

When you’re buying insurance you’ll often be asked about the type of locks you have on your front door, and be asked to guarantee that all your windows lock with a key. If your property doesn’t meet with high security standards, your insurance request may be declined.

You have a bankruptcy or CCJ on your credit file

If you’ve ever been bankrupt or had a County Court Judgment issued against you, this could be another reason for an insurer turning you down. With Modus on our panel, we can offer you landlord insurance even if there’s bankruptcy or a CCJ in your past.

Feedback from our customers and consultants told us that these were some of the main barriers to landlords looking for insurance. Modus policies from Simply Business can offer cover for all of these situations, thanks to a flexible and forward-thinking approach to underwriting.

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