Top 10 builder fails 2015

These builders put even your most hardened cowboy to shame.

Each year we pay out an estimated £300million in putting right the mistakes of the overzealous DIY enthusiast.

But costly mistakes aren’t amateur-exclusive. From staircases to nowhere to bizarre double toilets, what these ‘professionals’ were thinking is anyone’s guess!

It recently emerged that upgrades to the Houses of Parliament could cost the taxpayer a whopping £6billion. That figure, however, could rise further should MPs hire any of the bumbling builders responsible for these mishaps.

Check out this collection of builder fails and tell us what you think. Design fault? Budget limitations? Either way, someone’s out of a job.

Choose wisely (there is no cold tap)

hot water

Nothing like a good ole knees up

knees up

Mysterious ways

50 50

An escalator can never break, it can only become stairs


Which came first?

50 50

Stairway to nowhere

50 50

The world’s first self cleaning tap

50 50

Playtime’s over

50 50

Don’t forget the parachute

50 50

The long arm of the law

50 50

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