Emoji 'set to replace PIN numbers'

Combinations of emoji, the colourful images used to communicate online and by text message, could soon replace conventional PIN numbers.

This is according to Intelligent Environments, a British company that has developed the first emoji-only passcode service.

The service allows users to log into their bank account using a combination of four emoji, rather than conventional number strings or passwords.

Intelligent Environments have chosen a set of 44 emoji from which users can choose. The company says this presents a more secure option than a four-digit passcode because there are a higher number of possible permutations.

They also believe that emoji passcodes will be easier to remember, claiming that reports have suggested that humans recall images more efficiently than they do numbers.

Intelligent Environments managing director David Webber said: “We had input from lots of millennials when we developed the technology. What’s clear is that the younger generation is communicating in different ways.

“Our research shows that 64 per cent of millennials regularly communicate only using emojis. So we decided to reinvent the passcode for a new generation by developing the world’s first emoji security technology.”

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